:)...Smile, even when ur heart is breaking...(:
NAME: Kelly AGE: Heavenly 18 RACE: Asian-American-French LIVE: from New York but lives in North Carolina
♥. ♥. ♥. ♥. ♥. ♥. ♥. ♥. ♥. ♥. ♥. ♥. ♥. ♥. ♥. ♥. ♥. ♥.
BIO:... ask and i will tell
Hi , so as you know Im Kelly. I Love many thing including TUMBLR. Like everyone else I'm not perfect. I make mistakes and do things that I regret. My friends and family are everything to me and without them I'm nothing, also my followers make me too ♥. I love music and my life. I reblog things that I like and I also post my own stuff.
I love being asked quetion,so please don't hesitate to ask but nothing mean or else i will block you or unfollow you
Follow me and if I like your blog I will follow back. =)
♥. ♥. ♥. ♥. ♥. ♥. ♥. ♥. ♥. ♥. ♥. ♥.
Lover of all Things, Loner in many ways

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Someone had to do this😜

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A poetic and artful umbrella, Komorebi is based on a Japanese expression that approximately translates to “sunshine filtering through foliage.”


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i relate to this so much

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This came to me like lightning outta the blue

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